To all my dear Non Veg Friends.. Google “Why Vegetarians are more intelligent”


Disclaimer: Nothing personal.. No offence.. Some facts… Simple facts.. Because before using your Intellect.. you need energy to digest that struggling poor chicken inside your tummy…

We kill plants (as you told)… Because we call them Fruits and Vegetables (hope you also call them same and know the meaning)

Your thoughts sounds really cool… but first a big ha ha ha ha… you have posted that stop eating veg and save plants blah blah…Thanks for your sincere concerns for Global warming and so so facts.. So cute… I thought you are cruel and unfaithful… sorry

Dear friends …unfortunately chicken, mutton, fish or whatever…. all are vegetarians.

Some facts.. Some simple reasons to being vegetarian.. All are very simple.. No research required.. Please spare 0.001% energy to digest it

1. It takes up to 8 kgs of grain to produce one edible kg of meat (especially beef). The same quantity of grain (rice, pulses, cereals, etc.) can keep a small family of 4 fed for a week. (how much the animals eat and how much they produce).. and how much for plants.. And you told stop killing plants… and you don’t even eat raw/boiled meat.. You need vegetable oils.. Spice.. Pepper.. Masala.. all are veg….

2. An acre of land can produce 1250 kgs of meat or 20,000 kgs of potatoes.. ( how many beefs/goat you can accommodate in your garden)…. see how?

3. Non veg foods are slow to digest (anywhere from 36 to 48 hrs.) and this diverts blood from the brain and reduce mental sharpness…. you agree?

4. Unfortunately study shows that veg think more logical and their IQ point is higher than non-veg…..
And you proved it right by posting that stupid pic and supporting blindly … now first thing to do for you … Google “why vegetarians and more intelligent” ;) ;)

There are so more to say… But for now try to digest it..

You are free to eat’s on individual’s choice… if you want to eat meat… eat raw meat that is 10 times good … but please just don’t kill for taste, tushan or whatever stupid and obviously try not to waste it..

But this is for sure… as told above you can kill plants (fruits and Vegetables )

Please don’t put the damn stupid things.. There is no fun (sentiments ;) :P ) ..

Share it if you like.. Or reference it to your non veg friend’s status :) :)
There is lot more to being a vegetarian… if it is for taste, stop being cruel…
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Tata Docomo GSM – Rajasthan ( Questions Complaints Feedback and Problems )


Ask for Tata Docomo Online in Rajasthan .. Bikaner .. Jaipur .. Jodhpur .. Jaisalmar .. Barmer .. Kota .. Alwar .. Bundi .. Ganganagar

But please don’t post your personal information like email and phone no ( This is for your security ), we don’t make any guarantee about it. We appreciate if other user can guide and solve problem described in comments section.

See the end of this page for queries/questions and answers regarding Tata Docomo, feel free to ask us any thing related to Tata Docomo by leaving a comment below. We will try to answer you as soon as possible..keep watching this page. We would like to mention that we are not related with Tata Docomo or any of its official, the question which you ask here we try to answer it by getting information from Tata Docomo news release or from Tata Docomo customer care.

The long awaited TATA Gsm mobile service ;  Tata Docomo is live in some part of India ( Karnataka, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa , Chennai). The brand is named as Tata Docomo, joint venture of Tata Tele services India and NTT Docomo, Japan.


The best service which it is offering is “pay-for-what-you-use” model.
1 paisa for a second i.e.  second pulse
apply all over India
apply on any phone and mobile service

It is offering both postpaid and prepaid plans with a variety of features. It is also giving free voice mail and miss call alert service.

The quality and availability is yet to be watched, The official website is also offering a saving calculator which will calculate how much we can save if we go for Tata Docomo 1 second pulse offer.

NTT DoCoMo also have some more plans on bringing to India more products and services such as i-mode, Location-based Services (LBS) and mobile payment. Most importantly, TATA DoCoMo will continue to per-second pricing model for all it services. Now, live every second.

Comment below to ask Your questions about Tata Docomo Rajasthan Circle, we are not officials of Tata Docomo but We will try to guide you best of our knowledge. Post your problems Complaints, queries related to Tata Docomo Network ( Postpaid Prepaid Recharge Topup Callertune Internet GPRS ) in Different cities of Rajasthan ( Bikaner , Jaipur , Jaisalmer , Jodhpur, Kota , Alwar , Ajmer or anyother cities and towns of Rajasthan )


Official Website of Tata Decomo
How much you can save with Tata Docomo
Download Tata Docomo Signature Tune

11 days of Winning – Free .in Domain and Free WordPress Web Hosting


It has been long time to post here, sorry I was busy with some other commitments. But here I am back with some cool prizes.. first answer these questions.

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Now how to enter

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WordPress Front Page Banner – Advance Tutorial [Enable PHP]


In earlier part of the tutorial, I have explained  how to use Custom Style Sheet and other basic configuration tutorials. In this tutorial I will give you a basic idea on how to use PHP with WordPress Frontpage Banner Plugin.

[ Read how to show New Year Countdown on your WordPress blog's frontpage using this plugin ]

Let’s take a example: How to show Today’s date on WordPress FrontPage  using PHP, to get the date using PHP we need to use PHP date function. PHP Date Manual

Here is the code to show the date

echo 'Welcome Today is  '.date("d/m/Y");

Enable PHP in ‘FPB Settings’ and paste the above PHP code in custom code. See the below screen-shot how it will be

And here How it may look on your blog, remember by default it will override theme’s stylesheet settings. We can define our own style sheet using Custom Style Sheet.