Audio maps by BBC on Bing maps


Maps have always been a kind of crazy instrument for explorers and what more is required if background is patched with exciting sounds and voices from around the world. Save our Sounds is a part of the world services by BBC. It is an interactive map app being developed by BBC on Bing maps.

We want you to help us build an interactive map of the world. So get involved and send in recordings of sounds from where you live. Listen to the sounds of the world – and then send us your audio.
– Save Our Sounds  BBC World Service

Maps now wouldn’t be just a picture to watch or find out something. Though this app  is still in developing stage but still you get the touch when you listen to different sound from around the world. BBC has invited Audios from worldwide to collaborate to this audio map. Recordings may be related to any kind like local street noise,wild life,animal noise or any such location relevant information.

BBC created lots of full multimedia ( maps embedded with audio, video and pictures ) maps, some of interesting maps are  Cannes 2009 Map , Wimbledon 2009 , Irish Language Map and India Election Train.

send your audios to BBC

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