Create a Twitter like site using WordPress


WordPress bloggers can now give their site a Twitter like feel.  The newly released P2 theme will turn WordPress powered site  into a real time Microblogging platform. The P2 ( The New Prologue) theme is the newest version  of Prologue theme designed by Automattic . The Prologue theme has been used by WordPress development blog for group blogging.

Prologue was great for status updates but terribly awkward for conversation. P2 solves all this by moving the conversation inline on the homepage. Conversations can be fully threaded using 2.7’s new comment features. –

See the following video to see how P2 works

P2 theme is designed for group blogging where multiple contributors can communicate. The current version features:

  • Posting from front page ( Without WordPress admin panel)
  • Publishing and updating in real time
  • Threaded comment display on the front page
  • In-line editing for  comments/posts.
  • Live tag suggestion using AJAX
  • Show/Hide feature for comments
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts

This is a great theme for people those like Microblogging. Others  can use it in addition to main blog if you want to setup a collaboration system. P2 is available for as well as self-hosted blogs.

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